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dimenianz's Journal
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Below are the 6 most recent journal entries recorded in dimenianz's LiveJournal:

Monday, November 14th, 2005
10:46 pm
Much needed update
Now that exams are out of the way, it has given me a chance to idly think about things for the first time since June. So here are some things that have been needed to have been said a long time ago.

For starters, those that spend time slandering one's name in public, I don't care. You are an insignificant part of my life, and most likely were to begin with.

And those "friends" that don't even try to start conversation, yet find my attempts at trying to socialise with them as "boring", you can go and join them.

Things will be going back to the way they were at work. If you are interested in friendship, good, then so am I. But if you can't even spend the time to maintain that friendship and lose interest, then don't even bother trying to reconcile once it's too late.
Thursday, July 14th, 2005
9:23 pm
If it's broken......don't bother
Ever have one of those things in life where things start coming undone and no amount of time/effort ever fixes it? No I'm not being metaphorical. I mean physical things. I've had certain things eating at my mind since 2002 and any attempts to rectify them have only left me worse off for time/money, which explains why I always feel rushed to do stuff, even play games. It's highly irritating.

In fact, what males it worse is that while occupied trying to get these things fixed, more things come up that need fixing, all of them having the potential to be added to my 'hopeless to try' list.

First off, my knee which was damaged February 2002. You'd think multiple chiropractors, doctors, neurologists, physiotherapists, masseurs, acupuncturists, chinese therapy guys and yes, even podiatrists would have some chance of finding out how to fix a fucking knee from something simple like bending over to far (nothing sus!). Then again, it just reinforces my belief that they're only in it for the money. After all, none of them hesitated to ask to see me again (ch-ching).

Next up, the car's rear wheels. See above basically. Something fucked up, been to numerous places, cant fix it, yet can still charge full amount. Fucking commercialism.

I dunno why I decided to rant about this. I guess it's just the fact that something else has come up that I feel is going to be a long and tiresome problem. I had the same feeling as soon as the previous two incidents occurred. I just hope I'm wrong there...

Current Mood: pessimistic
Saturday, July 2nd, 2005
5:24 am
Happy anniversary...

June 30th marked 2 years of no permanent work for me. It was then that I made the choice to move to Melbourne and complete my Bachelor. It really doesn't seem like THAT long ago.

Ever since, I've kinda found myself in some sort of laziness depression. Stuff that I could do with my eyes closed now seem relatively difficult because of my rustiness. I found this out when looking for more work a few days ago, that involved working with a particular package which I was considered the office guru for. Now I question myself as to if I can still code in it...

A lot of restlessness has got me motivated again, and I am resurrecting my game engine project. so far I am following in the footsteps of Shiggy and creating a platformer first, since they seem like the easiest option to create, then possibly move to an overhead RPG.

Jaffa and I were discussing a fan remake of Final Fantasy 6 for the PC, which got my interest, since I have been playing it for the past few days, and I still consider it to be one of the best games I have played. I seriously doubt a 4GL language is going to cut it, which is why I suggested a C/DirectX combination. Still, first things first, and I'll get the platformer engine completed first. Should be a nice little warmup.

Current Mood: depressed
Monday, April 18th, 2005
12:34 am
A geek and his internet are never parted!
Well, the weekend went by pretty quickly. I managed to fix the unstable connection at Bingo's place, so now the geek has some reliable broadband to work with. So what does he do? Goes on Tapestries and wastes the whole weekend. Sometimes I hate my addiction to yiff. :P

Duncan (aka Nikita) was feeling down Sunday night, having a close member of his family on his death bed, so I took him out for a drive and a long walk along the beach to help get his mind off of his worries. We then went back to Bingos and had a laugh at some rants by 2 before I dropped him off back home. It is so nice to be there for people who actually appreciate it. ^^

Current Mood: sore
Saturday, April 16th, 2005
8:22 am
To those of you familiar with the old Nintendo classics:


The scary part was, it took me the longest to figure out the Tetris theme, even though it's my bloody ringtone!

Current Mood: amused
12:25 am
What a way to start this....
It's interesting to note that my first Live Journal entry is written as I stare at half of my life is piled upon the lounge room floor of a house of some close friends, the other half still residing back home. I moved to Brisbane from Albury last Tuesday.

This morning started rather awkwardly, not having any sleep whatsoever, up all night thinking (yes, it is a nasty habit to get into, thinking too much). Thoughts of home enter my mind, followed by more uncertainty of what I have put on the line to come this far.

It was slowly put to ease by the reassurance that my friends expressed throughout the day...thank you all for being there.

We got our first rejection for a house that we applied to rent today, and I think it opened our eyes that even with decent income, this is not going to be easy. I followed up by reading through the journal of a very close friend (they know who they are). I was so moved by the story that I was brought to tears. I guess that was the major trigger to which got me started on my journal, so to you know who, thank you for showing me such an opportunity in which to express my feelings.

After that, we all went out to the CBD area (Bingo, Jaffa, Lee and myself) and met up with Misty. They showed me the DDR machine, which I plainly sucked at playing, but the others were just mesmerising to watch. Seems like the type of skills a geek like me would take aeons to achieve. Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun.

When we got back, Lee invited me downstairs to watch The Manson Family. That movie had some very disturbing scenes, and I guess it was an incentive to stay up and write this, rather than go straight to sleep thinking about it. Darn. Last part of my entry, so it's back in my head again.

P.S I know I suck at writing, but hopefully it will get better in the coming months/years.
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